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New Groups Starting April 2016!!!

during class break

I am ready to start 4 new groups. Please check out “Art Classes” page for information. Classes in new groups start April 6, 11, and 12 (depends on group). Remember, kids age of 9 or older, as well as adults are welcome to join groups! I do try to place people of similar age-group together, it promotes better learning atmosphere, collaboration, and more relaxed environment.

Also PayPal option was added allowing to pay for classes on-line. Please note: There is no PayPal account required to use on-line payments via PayPal.

No PayPal account required!

We now offer convenience of on-line payments secured by PayPal!

Please, do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have!

Looking forward to see you in the studio.

Learn to draw well in 8 weeks!


Students Album added to the Gallery page.

I have added an album with some pictures of the students to the Gallery page. I love my students, and it is fun to see them grow not only as artists, but as people as well.

As time allows, I will add Albums with students works, and some of my sketches and paintings. I also plan to put images of the paintings that I have in the studio gallery and storage that we plan to exhibit sometime soon.

during class break

Nicole, Elik and Arina during the class break back in 2010